Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The stage is calling her

Last night we went to hear some live music. The crowd sits on a hillside facing the small stage.
Willa was content to sit between Jim and I on the blanket, eating her dinner until a particularly rhythmic song started. She calmly set aside her plate, stood up, and started to sway.
Later, she found the stairs - and then it was all over. There were probably 45 steps between us and the area up front where the kids danced. She got down pretty quickly, walked directly past the large group of kids who moved like popping corn, and started to climb the stage steps.

This one is destined to be a rockstar, I suspect.


Anonymous said...

With you 2 as parents she is definately destined for stardom. I think that is great. :) ~hgh

Christina said...

I really admire how you as parents expose her to so many different things. You're even exposing me to stuff I didn't know about. She's a lucky little girl!