Thursday, August 09, 2007

Saying "yes" to Life

Yesterday I read a tragic article about how too many women are still dying in childbirth around the world (no link available, sorry.). I wonder how "they" will determine how many deaths are just about right? Sarcasm aside...

The article said that childbirth is the most life affirming thing many people can do. This, and some lovely solo piano music on the car radio, has me thinking about life affirming actions.

Giving birth is painful. It's also a beautiful everyday miracle. Giving birth is the natural consequence to a healthy pregnancy. The decision to become pregnant - or when there is no decision (a la an "oops"), the choice to remain pregnant - is life affirming. There? No, I'm not going there. Not today. What I'm saying is that the choice to make a baby is life affirming. The process of a baby leaving mom's comfy uterus is nature.

So, now Jim and I have made a baby who is a toddler making sentences (from this morning: "Boobie, all done.") now. And I'd like to continue affirming life. To me, this means way less of our already minimal television viewing, more home cooked (and grown) meals, more adventures into our community. More music. Maybe less National Public Radio: though I like to be informed, I feel more affirmed when listening to music and like to watch Willa dance. More dancing with Willa. More kindness to strangers and folks who haven't "earned" kindness. More books. More kissing of/with the husband. And someday, hopefully not too far away, a decision to make another baby.

Your assignment, darlings (awww... mannnn... homework?) is to think of one life affirming practice and share it, here if you'd like - extra credit for actually doing it.


Em said...

My life affirming activity will be volunteering at Gilda's Club, helping those young children that have lost a parent to cancer.

Having lost a parent myself, I see nothing more fulfilling than being able to relate to those kids. I know how it feels and I hope in some small way that I might be able to help them cope.

AmyinMotown said...

One of mine is connecting with friends. Today has just been a Jane Social day for me for some reason, and it helps remind me of what is really important and where my values really are. Money, achievement, status aren't all that important --my connection with others is.

Jana said...

More time outside.