Monday, August 20, 2007

Architect of the unlikely winner

Last week I had NPR on in the car, and wasn't paying attention when the story of another member of the Bush administration's departure was announced. "Another rat jumping ship," I thought. When I was focused later in the day, I learned it was the head rat. Goodbye Karl Rove.

Not so soon, I think. Karl Rove has made some pointed comments about Hillary Clinton. He has said she's likely to be the Dems nominee for President. And then he goes on to disparage her. That's cool. I mean, that's "his thing," and if I have the right to call him the head rat he can say bad things about Mrs. Clinton. I suspect, though that the architect of George W's rise to the top may be up to something. If he's so publicly introducing doubt about one of the front runners, there's no doubt he'll soon be named the campaign lead for another candidate.

Also, Rolling Stone and I think we ought not discount John Edwards. Go read this article.

I'm just putting my prediction out there so when Karl Rove becomes the Republican party's go to guy on not having to lie down and lose this election, I can say, "I called it." Shiver up the spine.


Em said...

Go ahead...let him TRY to lead. Maybe that will seal the fate of the Republican candidate and make room for the Dems. If I were still aligned with my former party, there would be shivering up my own spine with the thought of him as the lead.

Christina said...

But PLEASE don't let him dance again. The mere sound of his name makes my stomach lurch. I can't address the other possibility for fear of passing out.