Friday, August 24, 2007

I'd be a good carrot farmer.

I've been on the road a lot for work this week. A drive to Battle Creek on M-37 gave me hills, curves and roadside corn stands. Yesterday I drove to Southfield. It's a ride I do often, and I've become oblivious to most of the scenery. Instead I was rewarded through the air waves of the radio.
There was a story about a couple in their 80's who have been running a summer camp for ever. The focus of the story was on how much the kids enjoy the simple camp food. I called Jim excited about the possibility of starting a summer camp. He wasn't very interested.
That's fine, like Jim, campers aren't likely to be interested in a the Thai Basil Eggplant dish I had hoped to make last night.
Still searching for the gleaming answer to my gifts, interests, and time. Carrot farming always appeals to me when I'm feeling like I'm in a rut.
Today I am grumpy and sore. GRRR.


Anonymous said...

Any reason why it's always carrots and not some other veggie?

In some way, I think we're always searching for the answers to our interests and gifts. Otherwise, what good are we if we become complacent? (By this I mean, Don't despair!)

Anonymous said...

The answer to your quest of your gifts, interest and time is right in front of you...about 25 pounds.
And you have been doing a spectacular job.
Stop searching Kansas, acknowledge Home and savor it !!!

Christina said...

A summer camp is an awesome idea for you! You should really look into that. I would have no idea where you'd start...

Em said...

I agree with anonymous (eh hem, Jim?) on this one.

apt said...

Anonymous takes the shape of my mom on this comment.
The thing is that Dorothy didn't need to have a full time job, you know?
Fact is that we both have to spend 8 hours a day away from her to bring home the [soy substitute for] bacon, and I need those 8 hours to be spent better than they are now. I am completely fulfilled in all aspects except professionally. And if I have to work, it might as well be something nourishing, right?