Friday, August 10, 2007

Nature, affirm elsewhere, please.

Dear Nature,
Please stop having babies so close to our front door. It's making us nervous and/or prompting thoughts of another pet.

First there was the house finch clutch - attacked by a sparrow. When we admitted that keeping the surviving chick alive was beyond our skills, and handed it over to more capable hands, I though Jim would cry. He loved that darn little bird.

Last week 2 bunnies were born in a very shallow burrow 18 feet from where Greta and Arlo exit our house with enthusiastic bounds. We are careful to move the wire mesh fence around the burrow while the dogs are out, but the thought of forgetting to move it and keeping mama rabbit from feeding her kids (who we have named Desitin and Chlamydia - lovely, yes?) is giving me an ulcer.

Nature, I know that you've been kind and have housed the neighborhood skunks several houses away from ours, but I think we've had enough reproduction for one year. Okay? We know it's an honor, but we're no Snow White in the forest surrounded by woodland creatures.

Your pals,

The Sinkis

Baby bunnies 2 days old.

Look closely and you'll see either an ear or an eye, and make out other head parts of the week old bunny.


Em said...

They are so cute!! But the names...ew.

Christina said...

Awww! Please post more pix as they grow older.