Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A few zoo photos

Willa ran around the petting zoo with enthusiasm and sense of purpose. She apparently needed to acknowledge each animal separately with her touch. This is a GOAT! This is another GOAT! This chicken can't be real until I touch it. CHICKEN! "MOO,"this is a COW, but it's not moving much so it's not as interesting. Hey dad, did you know there are GOATS here?! Hey look, SHEEP! These were the words expressed with her eyes, feet and ever outreaching hands. The last goat photo is a baby pygmy. For those of you visiting the GR Zoo, they're in a different area of the zoo.

The penguin was not part of the petting farm.

The budgies are in a huge cage. There are probably 100 birds in here. It was a blend of neat and a little too Hitchcock's "The Birds" for me to really enjoy it. This was Jim's favorite part of the zoo.

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