Monday, August 06, 2007


I have reentered a time in my life when it might be inappropriate to discuss breasts and nipples - right after this post. On Friday morning, after 2 days of successful sippy cup usage, Willa and I breastfed for the last time. It wasn't necessary for me, I just wanted to be aware that it was the last time while we were doing it. There were no tears, or any real emotion. Like every other time in the past several months, she did a break dancing routine while connected to me. I watched her charmed and waited for a pang of sadness or something, but nope. So... she's 16 months old today. And weaned. I think I'll go and buy a new bra or 2 to celebrate the good and dedicated service of "the ladies."

It was a crazy weekend of work picnic, visiting my parents, going to Bill and Jackie's new house (and enjoying their pool - thanks again, guys), an unexpected date at the Royal Oak farmers market followed by lunch, ice cream with my grandparents... It's no wonder we were all worn out and laid low on Sunday.

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AmyinMotown said...

Wow, congrats on making it 16 months! Definitely get a couple bras--it's so nice to buy some that are pretty (or, in the case of my size, pretty-ish as they don't make very many pretty "full-figure" bras).

It's nice that you were able to enjoy and mark your last time breastfeeding. Our end was kind of sudden because she started biting out of nowhere and would just maul me as soon as she got relaxed enough to really feed. It was awful, and I was so sad that I didn't know the last time was the last time and I could say goodbye to that stage of our relationship (geez, I sound all lactivist myself now!).

We were at the RO Farmer's Market LAST week, too bad we missed each other! Mmmm, cherries.