Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Final photo show from weekend

One final photo set from our weekend. Can you see the joy and freedom in Willa's head flung back enormous grin? If you noticed a change in the speed of the earth's rotation on Saturday, you can blame us. Willa had this duck moving so fast I started making mental notes about preparing for baby teeth lost to contact with a concrete duck head. Or figuring out where the nearest hospital might be in the event that she catapulted herself over the rocking duck and over the cottage and into the lake a few hundred yards away.

I've been holding onto this photo, awaiting the go-ahead from my mom. We were at their cottage and, to my knowledge, this is the first time some one's stayed there without them there as well. I have 3 siblings, and a peaceful heart. Lisa, Bill, and Brian: ask nicely and see what happens.

Okay, really? One more photo:
Disclaimer: Blancodesinki receives no payment from Li'l Willies, nor should this photo be taken as an endorsement for this particular company in your porta pots needs.

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Christina said...

That first picture of Willa is adorable!!