Sunday, August 05, 2007

resting easy

8 pints of blueberries: $16. Now washed, bagged, and frozen.
Thus ending this summer's crazy obsession for gathering blueberries so Willa could have her favorite food in the middle of January.


AmyinMotown said...

Awww. Maggie is allergic to blueberries (and smoked salmon and proscuitto, what kind of a yuppie-ass baby did I BREED anyway?). Blueberry picking seems to be the au courant activity for the Michigan toddler this year, too. Hope Willa enjoys her morsels of delicious all winter long!

Em said...

Man, we need to do the same, but it's to late. Right? (as I run to search)

apt said...

I really wanted to go to the fields and pick, but the farms aren't open on Sundays and our Saturday's have been too busy. This year blueberry picking happened in the produce section of Meijer.