Wednesday, August 22, 2007

2 accordions, 2 cuties, and Jim to school

Sweet Julia and Willa (and Willa's bangs) at their first concert together.
Last night we met up with Heather, Jenny, Joe, Julia, and Jenny's sister, put 3 blankets together and watched some great local bands. Any band with 2 accordions is okay in my book.
Today Julia is 10 months old.
Also today Jim starts Grad school. As we parted ways in the driveway, I noticed he was extra dressed up (and lookin' good). He was so precious getting on the school bus with his backpack and lunch box.


Anonymous said...

Looks like you guys had fun. Was the band doing any polka music with two accordians? Did the kids like the sound of the music? Is someone may be getting lucky tonight? (Sorry I have to live vicariously through others right now.) Yet another proud Mommy moment, for a big kid that you still mold and train to be a better person.

Anonymous said...

it was a good night definately. I think Willa enjoyed being able to see so clearly :) Yahoo for graduate students beginning in Fall 2007! ~hgh