Thursday, August 23, 2007

Look, there's a barefoot kid, lying on the floor

Wednesday night I met a friend for dinner. A child who looked like Willa joined us.

And then the child who looked like Willa insisted on not sitting down, growled at me when I tried to stop her from taking off her sandals, laid on the floor on her back and checked out her toes. I forgot that I was dining with the slowest eater in the history of eating (sorry Beth, but I think you'd claim that title, right?). When it came time to pay, I found that I had left my wallet in the diaper bag from the concert outing. Gaia let me pay with a check. We got home and Willa was back to herself. I sighed with relief and my bra strap broke. We read books, she drank milk, she fell asleep with her baby doll snuggled under one arm.

I am hoping that every Wednesday night of Jim in class won't be like this.


Anonymous said...

Whoa whoa whoa.. she *growled* at you?? ~B

AmyinMotown said...

Ooops, a flash of the terrible twos! Unfortunately Maggie started doing the same thing around the same age. And WHY do they always do it in front of people? In public? Why? Maggie will be lovely all day and we get with childfree friends annd she's suddenly walking birth control.

Anonymous said...

Slowest in the history of eating??
Sweet! Is there a trophy or anything?

Also, you forgot "made a maraca out of Tylenol," "ate her water with a fork" and "completely charmed the cook."

I'm sorry if I held you up if you were antsy to leave...I was genuinely enjoying myself, though. Hopefully I didn't inadvertently cause the strange behavior. I'm getting better at interacting with kids, but age 3 and under is still generally a mystery to me. :-)