Tuesday, August 21, 2007

She can see clearly now

"So... does this count as her first hair cut?"
"I think so."
"But it's just the bangs."

Keeping up with milestones can be exhausting. When, exactly does it count as a first tooth? When you see a teeny white dot break through the gum, or when it seems to be settled? Does the first step before a tumble to the padded bottom count as walking, or is it when 5 steady steps are put together? Do other parents feel this, or is it just my desire to remember everything accurately? As I write here every day, there are whispers behind me: "don't forget, you don't get this back." And so more detail, more photos, more snippets of our life together.

As you've seen in recent photos, Willa's untamed hair was starting to impede her vision. Last night she was buckled into her booster seat eating her corn on the cob when Jim and I double teamed her with a wet comb and scissors. Three tiny cuts later, she looked like she'd aged a few months. She didn't put up much of a fight. Jim held her hands and her head while I did the trimming. There is a before and after photo, which will be loaded into this post tonight, perhaps. At the end we were left with 1" clippings on the table.

"So, do I have to save this hair? I mean, if it's the first haircut, I think we have to save this."
"Or we could just save the photo of the clippings."

I put the hair in a ziplock bag and labeled it "Willa's first haircut. Bang trim. 8/20/07" I slipped it into a drawer in her dresser. I do not keep a baby book to tape the clippings into. What's the modern mom to do?


AmyinMotown said...

I am so embarrassed to admit this, but: We gave Maggie her first haircut a few months ago and I didn't save it (that always seemed kinda nasty to me). Well, my mom was all "NOOOOOO! You have to save that curl! I want the curl! (she had one fat little curl at the nape of her neck). So I FISHED OUT FROM THE WASTEBASKET the newspaper we'd put on the floor to catch the hair and retrieved the curl. Mine is also in a ziplock. And I must say, I'm kinda glad if have it, if only to remember her hair was once blond and a little curly.

I was VERY resistant to and emotional about cutting her hair. Even though she had a mullet.

Em said...

My hair is still in my bedside table, in the jewelry box my mom put it in :o)

Christina said...

Sorry, should have posted on the message board but I'll do it here instead. I say save the hair and it does count as the first haircut. I just got these little vellum envelopes that I put the hair into and then into the scrapbook. Umm, yes, the scrapbook. It doesn't exist and hasn't existed for a good year and a half. But, I'll keep it on my goals of things to do!

Anonymous said...

Yes you do have a baby book!!! For some reason its at my house pending pictures.....

Anonymous said...

With Casey I kept alittle bit, but I knew I was going to scrap it. I agree with amyinmotown - I'm never going to be able to grow my son's hair out that long again to see if he still has curly hair. My husband and mother-in-law would shoot me before that happens. I showed both Moms, and they both wanted some of the hair that I kept. Lord knows what they will do with it. I guess if they were thinking of cloning ... On another note, you both are brave, I couldn't cut his hair myself. I went somewhere to have it done - lots $$ for something that only lasted a couple of minutes, but knowing that he still has two ears and no cuts because of me is worth it. So Mrs. Sinki, you must keep the virgin hair as a momento. What you do with it? Only you know :) ~Jen

Anonymous said...

FYI~ You look like Tootsie in that picture. ~B