Friday, August 17, 2007

Potty - it begins

Last night Willa and I bought a potty.

I'm not pushing her into anything. I knew we'd need one eventually, and she's been showing some interest by saying, with a very serious look on her face, "otty" and pointing at the toilet.

When we got home, I put the box on the ground and she was fascinated. So, we opened it up. She hugged it. I thought - "oh, what the heck," put the seat over our toilet seat, took off her diaper and put her on. She loved it. She looked at me and started getting "the face." And she pooped on the potty. We sang ("Willa pooped in the poootttttttyyyyy"), and clapped, and made a big party out of it. I took her off of the seat feeling mighty proud of my gal, who I was ready to crown the genius of potty training.

While we watched it flush she looked up at me... and peed all over the bathroom floor.

(Also? I'm pretty sure I hate the word potty.)


AmyinMotown said...

Maggie is rounding the corner on 3 and has not yet pooped in the potty. I feel like the World's Most Incompetent Mother for our lack of success in potty training. She'll sit there for 20 minutes and then within seconds she pees elsewhere. I had a lengthy conversation with her teacher this morning about how badly this is going and what are we going to DO?? Luckily, she is in the same boat as a few other kids who will be in her class this fall so we're going to have a parent meeting and brainstorm. But I am pretty sure I will have the only kid in high school that needs diapers for school and won't use a fork.

Em said...

I hate that word too. My sister told me not to worry about it this weekend. She tells you she has to go, but then sits there forever.

I am going to try anyway. Why not, right? Especially if she has been successful that last few weeks up until now.

Lily has a sheet with red stars. Each time she uses the toilet she gets another star. It's a potty party every day! YEAH!

msbauer said...

add me to the list of people who hate the word "potty." in fact, my mom hated it too and so we never used it. she tells about how all the people at church would be amazed when, in the nursery, my tiny little self would use the word "bathroom!" we never called it the potty in my house.

ps. love your blog!

EJBABY said...

laughed so hard i peed my pants. j/k.
Congrats on the initial "washroom" (as it's called in Canada) usage!

Anonymous said...