Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The case of the missing clothes

I've noticed we're really short on Willa's sock supply, and doing the laundry didn't really help. Then I caught her! Ms. Willa has been taking her socks off, putting them in the Diaper Champ, and flipping the handle (so the socks fall into the bag with the dirty diapers. Who knows how long this has been going on?I suspect we've lost a shirt or 2 this way too. Might be time to retire the Champ.


Anonymous said...

Rosalie usually shoves them in between the wall and the crib and as for dirty diapers? I've caught her taking them from the bucket and putting them down the laundry chute. Ew, I know. ~B

AmyinMotown said...

OK, I really hope Maggie and Willa can meet up someday, but let's hope this does not become a topic of toddler conversation because Maggie would think that was AWE.SOME.

Of course, I am hoping to retire the diaper champ before we have to bring it out of storage for #2. That's five whole months from now--but I am not optimistic.