Tuesday, March 04, 2008

It's coming.

The sunlight is bouncing off of the snowbanks outside of my window. After yesterday's gloomy rainy day, the snowbanks have a hard frosty cover. I think I've seen old Jello act this way.
The snow is dirty now, having stayed too long.

So far March is somewhat lamb-like. We were spared a snow last night, but should get some tonight.

Our neighbors still have their Christmas decorations up. In this way they've earned Willa's title of "Santa Clause's house." On the side of their house, where our driveway is, I've noticed their day lilies sprouting in the most hopeful pale shade of green.

Another February is over. And now we can move on, and dig out kites, and be on alert for crocus. Spring might not be right around the most immediate corner, but we're in the right neighborhood.


Anonymous said...

Two weeks from Thursday!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOHOO!! ~B

Christina said...

Santa Claus's house! Hilarious!