Friday, April 25, 2008


Word's out now, so I'm spreading the news here. Lisa is again "with child." MaKenna is going to be a fantastic big sister. I'm excited to have my sister pregnant at the same time. I'm also excited for her first dr. appointment where she'll get a better idea of when to expect #2.

I'm almost sure that I've decided to grow my hair out during pregnancy to cut and donate it after. On prenatal vitamins, my already thick hair is like the follicle version of baseball's Barry Bonds. Someone(s) is going to get a fairly nice wig.

Can you have a crush on a season? I can't stop thinking of Spring. I hope see spring in the hall and smell it as I walk past. I can talk to my friends for hours about how cool and sweet and smart Spring is. I put grass around my finger pretending that Spring's asked me to wear its class ring.

I hate how cliche this is, but I can't stop eating pickles. Ice cream? Naw... but pass me a jar of pickles. When I ask how I got this swollen, point me back here, okay?

I've started feeling the teeny inward movements of own spawn. Like a small, slippery fish doing rolls. It's delightful. Okay, pregnancy can be fun now.


Keri said...

"Like a small, slippery fish doing rolls." -- I love your observations and descriptions!

AmyinMotown said...

Awww, that's so cool that you and your sis are pregnant at the same time! My SIL and I were this time and it was kind of fun.

And I started feeling Will right around the beginning of second tri too (Maggie was much later). It was so great! He was so active in utero ad is such a mellow little dude now he's here.

Also, your crush on spring may be because I think this is the nicest one we've had in years. The last several, we've gone from chilly to blazing with very little lovely moderate weather in between. And hormones may have something to do with it :-).

Anonymous said...

Here's a little story for you and your online blog buddies..
At Katies shower, Lisa and Jenny were on the opposite side of the table and they were whispering to get my goat. I told them to stop talking because we had a 15 hour crop next week and thats where we catch up on our families. "If you start talking now, we won't have anything to talk about on Saturday!!!!" They eventually got my goat and I moved to hear what they were talking about. Lisa looks at me.

"Fire trucks."

"I had a feeling this had to do with them." I said. It was funny because when I read your blog that day I didn't even think about her. Consider yourself quite sneaky and really good at keeping secrets.

Beth said...

Pickles??? Yup, I'll tell ya right where those swollen ankles came from come July. Change over to ice cream, doesn't cause swelling and then you can come meet us at the cottage when you're craving something yummy!!

Christina said...

So does this mean that you are done with morning sickness?? I hope so!! Glad you can feel some movements!