Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Laughing all the live long day

Dear Willa,
I love being your mom. You're going through a very goofy stage - you want to laugh with us - ALL the time. If dad laughs you want in on the fun. If I laugh you rock and start giggling. You look at Arlo and Greta with hope and amusement. You've started howling at Arlo because when mom or dad does it he howls back . Maybe we're all going through a very goofy stage because there's nothing your dad and I would rather do than laugh with you - ALL the time. And maybe cuddle a little too.



Anonymous said...

The picture is Precious!! And your right it's not Willa's stage it's yours - you're the goofy ones. The baby is always right. HeeHee - cuzjen

Anonymous said...

I really love this picture. Like, a lot...