Friday, February 02, 2007

Hey Phil, thanks! AND happy birthday, k-9s

Phil in Punxsutawney has declared an early spring for 2007. I will roll around in that joy for a day and ignore the view out my window - what is that, 5... 8 inches of snow on the ground? Phil, almighty groundhog soothsayer, has declared spring to be soon. I'm getting out my kite and oiling up Willa's stroller wheels.

If you're reading this and aren't an internet stalker or someone wanting me to quit my job and earn $5000 a week by selling ads on this blog (not that I wouldn't) AND if you haven't received our invite to the 3rd Annual Groundhog's Day party, please let me know. It's Feb. 24th this year. We'd love to see you.

Also, it's true that Arlo and Greta were both stray dogs, but we know they were both born on February 2. Arlo and I will also be celebrating our anniversary next week. He was a stray in Baltimore, and, based on how my life was going, so was I. He was the best thing to have come from my time in Baltimore.
Arlo (left) is now 5, and Greta (right) is 2.

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