Thursday, February 08, 2007

Those Ragged-izzles.

22 years ago I received a book of Raggedy Ann and Andy stories from my parents' friends. I remember reading that book over and over, and loving the illustrations. It was one of the first hardcover books I got.
Johnny Gruelle wrote the Raggedy books in the 1910's and the language is definitely dated. I've been reading it out loud to Willa at night, and snickering over some of the word choices. Jim took the chapter about the Snoopwiggy and the Wiggysnoop and read it (when he wasn't cracking himself up) to sound like Mr. Snoop Doggy Dogg. Hence today's conversation:

"I'm doing good, I'm listening to some Ice T. I love late 80's early 90's rap." proceeds to rap with the music.
"Woah there Snoopwiggy - or do you want to be Wiggysnoop, 'cause you know it's gonna happen."
"Snoopwiggy! You can be Wiggysnoop. We're so funny."
"Yup, we sure are, dogg."

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