Wednesday, February 21, 2007

t-minus 44 days

In 44 days Willa will be one. And woo-hoo, and yay, and a little tear for the little baby we brought home and all that emotional stuff that comes with a first birthday.
What I'm thinking about and ready to celebrate right this second is starting the weaning process. Last night I told Jim I was looking forward to pumping when I wanted to and not because I had to in order to keep Willa fed at daycare.
Starting gradually in early April gathering provisions for Willa will be a trip to the kitchen, not unsnapping a bra.
I have enjoyed breastfeeding, and I'm glad it has went so well for us. The body amazes me - I can feed another human being! But I'm ready. Lugging a pump around all the time, taking time out of the work day to set it up, drinking teas to support supply... Pumping will go first, and then slowly her morning and night nursing sessions. I'm ready, and when the time comes, I hope she is too.

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