Tuesday, February 20, 2007

More than just an expression

Willa has mastered the look of happy surprise. I've been laughing ever since. A board book with photos of animals brought it on.

-side note: the book was one that I gave to MaKenna when she said her first word: "duck." Crazy that it was Willa's first word too, no? So, Lisa gave Willa the book back. She won't call the duck in the book a duck, probably because it's brown and not yellow and rubber.-

So at about page three are the photos of the puppy and kitten. When I opened that for the first time her body swayed back, her mouth and eyes opened wide, and then she laughed and clapped her hands.

It makes me so glad to see her taking an interest in books. She might end up a carnivorous Republican but at least she might end up liking books.

-another side note: Jim gave Willa some chicken from his fried rice this weekend. I closed my eyes and steadied myself. I know we made the decision that it would be her choice later to eat meat or not, but well... now that it's time that she can, I wish she wouldn't. Anyhow, she put it in her mouth and then put it on the table next to the fish tank. Maybe, maybe...?

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