Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I am not part of the solution

Through trial and error, we may have found the answer to our sleep issues with Willa. I know I have posted other "eureka!" moments here that haven't lasted, but we may be onto something lasting this time.

I have to stay in bed.

When I go to crying Willa at 3 am, the biological fact is that my boobs come with me. And she likes them just as much as Jim does (sorry Jim, now the internet - including my mom knows you like my boobs - blush). She tricked me into thinking that she needed to eat in the middle of the night past the era that she actually did. Then I became wiser, but was too tired at 3 am to protest. And when I held out it only worked about 40% of the time.

So the past 2 nights Jim and his less interesting (and really nonexistant) boobs have gone into her room, put her back in sleeping position, patted her for a minute, and presto - she's back sleeping in minutes!

I felt guilty for a little while that this will likely fall entirely on him until she "gets it." But then I remembered that it fell entirely on me when she really did need to eat at 3 am. So, hopefully, for only a few days (until she stops waking up), my boobs and I will stay in bed, but feel a little bad for Jim and his less interesting (and really nonexistant) boobs.

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Anonymous said...

It's okay Jim. It's like chicken - you are either a breast, thigh, or leg man.