Friday, February 23, 2007

missed it.

"Willa walked 3 steps today!"
I read it over and over on her chart from day care. I've come to terms with our baby in day care. It's good for her immune system (in the way that saving for retirement will pay off later), she's got a lot of little buddies to play with and learn from and teach (and steal pacifiers from), and the women who care for her are wonderful with her.
But who tells a working mom that she missed her babies first steps?
I called Jim choked up - "I'm sad, are you sad?" "Yes, I am kind of sad."
We figure that we'll get her to walk 4 steps and that will erase the 3, and go down in history as her real first steps (and mom, you keep quiet.).
Maybe it'll happen at the Groundhog's day party tomorrow and she can entertain the masses?

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