Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Ten months old

Our gal hit the double digits and turned 10 months old at 2:51 am. When we were in the hospital I had her in the nursery a lot during the nights. I thought I would be the mom who kept her baby near her the whole night through. Reality was I was exhausted and knew I couldn't possibly sleep with my new favorite person in the same room the whole night.

Jim and I were both up with her several times last night - another cold makes it hard for her to sleep lying down.

Solutions I'm considering:

Installing a nurses call button, "nurse, I'd like you to take the baby to the nursery. She's fantastic, but mom and dad need some sleep."

Arlo and Greta get opposable thumbs, we train them to rock Willa back to sleep. Let them figure out whose turn it is. "Damn it Greta, I got her last time, now get out from under the bed and take care of that crying baby!"

1 comment:

JT said...

OK you are funny, and I have not seen Bill in awhile, so "You are funnier than Bill"!

Your blogs these days have a nice zaniness. Now get out from under the bed, it's your turn to deal with Willa.