Tuesday, May 22, 2007

another home project

I mentioned, I think, that I was feeling sick on Sunday. Still, I bravely put shoes on and travelled to Lowes to go buy paint. Our living room has one green wall and 3 white walls. Well, it did. We're in transition. So, Jim's bringing me paint chip after paint chip that look kind of like the one I brought home earlier in the week. "How about this one? It's just like that, only lighter. Or this one, see how it's less yellow? Or this one, I think this one will look good." And to me they all looked the same: light beige.

This was not unlike the time I thought I'd have my German friend teach me German. A lesson that lasted 5 minutes after we discovered that I couldn't hear a difference between 18 different "o" sounds. "No, it's not 'oh' it's 'oh.'"

The fact that I had no idea what "stoney sea pearl" would look like next to our "Kentucky oak moss" wall at home had me frustrated. Also, please do remember something was wrong with me. I was achey and completely spacey. There was no trespass against Willa, but I found myself wishing she would vomit on command on Jim. And the rows and rows of paint chips.

We finally left with two cans of paint. Hours later Willa was asleep and I was pathetically curled up on the couch. I watched Jim get a roller brush out. "You're going to paint?! Tonight?! Right now?!" And he boldly started right there. I was in awe of his gumption, his health, and his faith that he would not regret the shade we brought home. And then he made me soup and garlic bread, and rubbed my back.

Yesterday morning, after it was dry and I was better, I told him he made the right choice. Our living room is going to look so great and feel so warm and comfortable.

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