Thursday, May 03, 2007

More randomness, this time from my head

I don't like modern design. "Smart and clean" lines make me feel cold and uncomfortable.

I learned today that green beans and other dense vegetable may spark in the microwave because of the minerals they contain. Glad to hear our microwave isn't on the fritz.

Grand Rapids festival of the arts needs to expand the art for sale tent. Or, I should look for art on Division Ave. instead.

I'm looking forward to a Detroit zoo trip this summer with Willa and MaKenna.

I was planning to plant hops this year in the backyard. Hops grow 20 feet in a season. Where am I going to get 20 vertical feet to support that? Might just stick with green beans this year for vertical gardening.


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Em said...

Agreed. Sweet Peas are way more fun and smell better.

Also, Phil's Stuff has some pretty sweet trellis'!! I have one!