Friday, May 18, 2007

Found - one couch!

When I was looking for a dog in Baltimore, I had some specific guidelines: midsize brown dog (kind of like looking for a good family car). And I found him at the shelter. My only concern when I first saw him was that he was a little... froo-froo. I didn't want a high maintenance dog who needed his fur to be groomed more often than my hair. In the end, it was a good match.

Jim and I have been on the hunt for a couch. Apparently, my over six foot tall husband isn't comfortable lying on our loveseat. Baby. So, we scouted high and low for a comfortable, durable, and nice looking couch. Not too stuffed, no bird-print fabric. And we ended up with a mid-sized brown couch. And chair. Apparently they're from the same litter and couldn't be separated. Also, when Jim sat in it for the first time he totally had a "please wife, it just followed me home, I'll take care of it, I LOVE it soooo much," look.

We'll be welcoming our newest members of the family when they arrive in a semi from North Carolina.

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