Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Shower, firing (not mine), dirt, mother's day, zoo

Who hosts a bridal shower on a Monday evening? Wealthy lesbians who have no kids and the ability to set their own work schedule, apparently. It was nice to see the blushing bride, and the crowd was fun, though largely the mother of the groom's college friends.

Monday was a long day that involved the firing of a co-worker/friend and the announcement that with his departure and the resignation of another co-worker (who's position will be moved to the main office) there are no plans at this time to close our office. This leaves 2 of us here. I might get the offer to work out of my home. I'm not sure that's attractive to me.

I was glad to get home last night. Angie and I went to the backyard where Jim had the sound system that she's borrowing for her Sat. wedding set up. Willa and Jim were sitting on the bench. Willa in a sweet purple smock-dress, wielding a hand shovel. "She's been playing in the dirt the whole time." There was a pot of dirt that I had taken the bean seedlings from. She was turning it over and over and over, grinning.

Sunday was Mother's Day, and it was lovely. See Jim's review here: www.soundguyspeaks.blogspot.com I don't think he mentioned that he made us bread pudding for breakfast. Mmm.... he did a wonderful job of making sure I was honored.

Saturday I was on the East Coast at the Detroit Zoo with Willa, Lisa, MaKenna and my mom. My brother's were working there that evening, so they got some niece time in. A wonderful/tiring day. Some photos:

There's also a great photo of these kids with their grandpa, but it didn't save to my computer. Tune in later this week, dad.

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