Thursday, May 31, 2007

Vacation Part 1 - Mackinac Island

We were a ferry ride and 3 hours in a car from home. The air was warm, but crisp as I cut through it atop my Schwinn. Jim and Willa were 40 yards or so ahead of me on the path. I stopped to take photos of Trillium, a wildflower that might still be endangered, though the local nursery sells them. I was playing arborist in my head, impressing myself with my tree identification "Beech. Cedar. Elm. Locust. And my crowning glory, 'Horse Chestnut'" [I do not know enough to impress anyone but myself. I bought a book a while back. It stayed at home for this trip.]

All I could hear was the occasional clip-clomp 2 horse team pulling wagons of island tourists, and the breeze slowly wooshing past my ears.

Sigh. Absolute serenity.

I enjoyed the peace for another moment, and then, about 40 yards in front of me I could hear digital music not unlike modern ice cream truck tunes, "da de da da da da da da..." In a trailer behind Jim's bike, Willa was hanging out with her blanket and her stuffed monkey who, when you press his palms, plays "If You're Happy and You Know It, Clap Your Hands." I know you've heard about this guy before, but he's ever present now.

It was the soundtrack of the vacation. She had that guy singing through the main streets of Mackinac Island and other bikers and walkers stopped to look. She played it in the car when she woke up from a nap. She played it after the last kiss of the day while trying to settle into a good sleeping position.

The song, the scenery, the time spent with my little and later my extended family? Perfect.
Clap, clap.

The monkeys.

Nap time in our room at the Cottage Inn. This may be the only Bed and Breakfast room on the island that isn't pink.

Willa and Jim meeting some workin' horses.

Resting for a second.

I was there too.


Anonymous said...

*sigh* I wanna go! You've got me all excited!!! That's the monkey I bought her for Christmas!!!!!!! I'm glad she likes it! I'm also laughing at the naptime faceplant into the bed. How was the b&b??

Anonymous said...

I like your comment at the last picture. I have to make Caz take pictures of me when we do stuff or it looks like the guys do everything (not) ~jen