Sunday, July 15, 2007

To Willa's Jr. Fan Club President

Dear MaKenna,

The Children's Garden just isn't the same without you.

Love you, Willa

(Yes, internet, cheap ploy to get my sister to visit us, I know. Trust me, this is better than a long and more subtle musing. I'll let you know if this works.)


Anonymous said...

thanks for making me seem like the worlds worst aunt..

apt said...

not worst at all, just too far away this summer.

Anonymous said...

How about you come here, I'll go pick up Casey since Jenny is on the verge of popping, and the seven of us will go to the zoo!! ~B

Anonymous said...

There is a bungalow in GR that is filled with welcome and love. It yearns for family and friends from the "other side" to explore and participate in the tons of stuff that they have to offer. That is much different and far from as satisfying then coming over here to join the troops.

Em said...

I love the picture of Willa looking all little girlish.... She is growing up so fast. One more reason for the fam to come visit!!