Thursday, July 12, 2007

I like most people. Phew.

I am not a misanthrope.

I thought for a little while that maybe I was. Turns out no, I do like people, in general. I do not like people, specifically, who:
- try to cut off a dad pushing a stroller, resulting in Willa's feet nearly being chewed up in the bike spokes of the idiot who really, really needed to be in front of us.
- stand next to a baby stroller to light up and smoke
These people - a 17 year old boy and a 60+ year old man - have never been mothers and were unaware of the wrath that they were stirring.

I realized last night that I don't enjoy crowds like I used to. This may be part of my fireworks problem. I just don't feel like Willa's well being is the #1 concern of everyone in the crowd. Insensitive jerks.

We went to Blues on the Mall downtown last night. We parked a ways away for our nightly walk. When we got to the mall at about 7:30, the crowd was nothing like the docile bikers and blues hipsters I remember seeing at this concert series in the past. There was a lot of product in very high and multi-colored hair. There was break dancing. There were a bunch of guys in suits who just got out of their Awful Tie Club Meeting. There was a surprisingly huge crowd and a few bad apples had me feeling like I'd rather keep walking than growl at people who were poking this mama bear with a stick.

So Jim and I ushered Willa through the streets while taking photos of our city. Willa waved at every single person we saw. She danced to the music in each passing car. She leaned her head back and then further back to see the top of the buildings we passed. A half hour later we returned to the concert area, and it was transformed back to the crowd I remembered it would be. We listened to a few songs and escaped before the motorcycle brigade headed out of the heart of the city.

I also do not like people who ride obnoxiously loud motorcycles, but I figure Blues on the Mall is kind of "their turf" so I'm not complaining.


Em said...

We were downtown too, not at BOTM, but at that bar I was telling you about. Turns out they park their bikes all the way down Godfrey! WOW!

I think it was the Jimmie Dillon crowd last night...they are...exactly how you explained them to be!

Anonymous said...

It's okay pisco. I don't like most people and I don't even have a kid to protect :)

AmyinMotown said...

I know what you mean about crowds with babies. You feel like just screaming at people "This is a LITTLE KID HERE, for the love of GOD, IDIOT."