Tuesday, July 31, 2007

So adorable when sleeping

After an extra foamy bubble bath for Willa, I asked Jim to lie with her in our bed and give her milk in a sippy cup. The sippy will replace the nursing in our bedtime routine for her. I was cleaning the kitchen for a while and went to check on them after a half hour of quiet. I figured I'd see Willa sleeping next to Jim who would be reading Harry Potter.

When I turned the corner I saw Willa crawling all over a sleeping Jim.


The Roths said...

Such a cute story! Thanks for the welcome to the blogging world- I couldn't resist after seeing all of the fun everyone else was having!

Anonymous said...

That has happened more than once with Caz and a kiddy video with Casey. One time Casey was pointing out to me that Caz was snoring. It was also around 11:30 at night. I've never let Caz forget about it.

At least Willa is accepting the sippy cup, it doesn't sound like she complained any.~ Jen