Friday, July 06, 2007

Her obsession

I'm experiencing the first wave of, "why the heck did I teach her that word?!?" this week.

Willa received from Aunt Dar and Uncle John a Christmas gift in the form of a motorized bubble blower in the shape of Ariel the little mermaid. We've played with it a few times, but she never really paid much attention to it because it was too soon. This week? If she were eleven years old, the word "bubble" would be scribbled all over her math folder and I'd have to have the "we don't write on our bodies with ink pens" talk with her. She is in love (B, please tell your mom!).

Ariel and her bubbles live in Willa's room atop her wardrobe. Every time I'm in the room with her, Willa points to it and says, "BUB-BULLLL." It's cute, I know. And it's awesome to watch her watching my mouth when a word catches her fancy and she tries to repeat it. I love her proud grin when the word comes out and she knows I understand. I think I heard the word bubble 327 times in 3 hours yesterday.

We've had to hide all other bubble containers this week. There was one on the front porch in plain view. When I started feeling like it was the troll - demanding to be played with before allowing house entry - we hid that one too. I think it's considered an addiction when the object of desire keeps you from every day life.

This weekend we will work on expanding her vocabulary. It will be like a verbal salad bar for her, and us.


Anonymous said...

Good Luck!!! It's going to be fun trying to get her to say different words. For Casey it was always "trucks". It could be anything with wheels would be a truck. Then it was "bus", anything big, and long - 18 wheelers, pop delivery trucks, and some buses. Now he knows the differences, but it took a while. jen

Anonymous said...

hahahahahahahahahaha!!! I'll be sure to tell her!!! ~B

Anonymous said...

You know they make flavored bubbles....
luv ya