Monday, July 09, 2007

Warning: mention of boobs

On Saturday we made it through our to do list.
Farmers market? Check. Left with wax beans, dilly beans (grandma p. could get $4 a jar... where's that recipe again?), 2 red peppers, and some cucumbers.
Backyard work? Check - well, half check. We watered and I pulled a few weeds, but we didn't get much done.
Visit with Jim's family? Check - a pruny pool fingers dripping with popcicle juice check.
Smiles and laughs? Yup - Willa's highlight of our trip to Grand Haven was rocking out to the dueling pianos at Kirby grill and her own green balloon to bat around while we pushed her stroller down the boardwalk.

On Saturday Jim, Willa, and I were changing into suimsuits. I took my bra off (that's a fun sentence to post on the internet). Willa pointed and smiled. Then she started coming near me making fish at the water's surface face and noises. I hope we're both ready to wean before she can say, "hey mom, kinda thristy over here."


Anonymous said...

made brown haired grandma beans 2 weeks ago. YUMMYUMMMMY.
I'll find it and call.

apt said...

No, Lisa. Grandma with white hair made dilly beans (actually it was probably grandpa).
Grandma Laws made baked spaghetti and ham. And the world's best oatmeal.

Em said...

"Grandma with white hair..." BWAAHHHA!! That's cute :o)

You guys had a fun weekend!

apt said...

Em, growing up mom's mom had brown hair and dad's mom had white hair (tale is it happened overnight because of the shock of her young daughter contracting polio). The 4 of us kids couldn't remember which grandma had last names so our system was, "which grandma are we visiting? white hair or brown hair?"