Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Status report

I've lost 4 pounds since my doctor's visit. I'm chalking 1 of those up to eating better and fun walks and bike rides. The other 3 pounds were lost in moments of indignity and extreme discomfort (see yesterday's post).

I am back at work. Despite feeling only about 70%, I'm concerned about taking another sick day. I ate some mac-n-cheese (you know it's good when there's an -n- involved) and so far, so good.

Willa is at home with Jim. She's done vomitting, but has some mighty foul diapers still. Except for that and being a little more cuddly than usual, she seems fine.

Jim reports a rolling stomach, some bad cramps, and seems exhausted, but might escape fairly unharmed. He is, again, the hero of this bout of sickness, providing rented videos and icy pops.

1 comment:

Em said...

I am thinking your 4lb loss had nothing to do with the past couple days....seriously. You did this all by yourself and you should be proud! YAY!