Friday, June 27, 2008

4 years ago tomorrow

Last month, I chronicled the less than fireworks and birds singing meeting of Mr. Sinki. Don't remember? Look here.

Tomorrow marks another anniversary. I was going to write about it here, but know what? I already did.

What I haven't shared before is that he was making some pretty obvious moves before he left town for his friend's wedding, but I wasn't getting it. Telling me he'd like to sit on his front porch and watch fireworks while holding hands seems pretty blatant, right?

I didn't really process it until I was driving home from that visit. I sat in the driveway with my head on the steering wheel, certain he was going to meet someone at the wedding.

Luckily for me he came home w/ no digits in his pockets and a terribly misaligned back.


Christina said...

Well, I liked hearing it again!

Keri said...

Isn't it a weird feeling when all of a sudden everything comes together and you realize how many subtle and not-so-subtle signs have been flying over your head? All of a sudden that little light bulb switches on.