Friday, June 13, 2008

The juice running down her chin was precious

I have been having a difficult time keeping Willa inside, what with the delicious strawberries growing in our backyard. I forgot to lock the screen door and heard it quietly shut. I ran to the front door and dragged a mostly naked* Willa into the house. "Straaaaaaw... berries," she howled.
"We ate all the of ripe strawberries yesterday. They won't be good yet. How about some blueberries, Willa?"
"No, mama. Red berries please."
Then I dazzled her with my fine art of changing the subject, "how about if we play with balloons."
It worked.

* She's got a diaper rash that we're trying to extinguish with a lot of air.


Keri said...

I'm not so sure she's going to fall for your "change the subject" trick much longer. She's a smart little cookie, that Willa.

Anonymous said...

*We use cornstarch. ~B

Anonymous said...

yahoo for balloons. hopefully there are some more strawberries for your "nude-y" infant... :)~hgh