Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I wore that "A"

Cities and towns near the banks of the Mississippi River and other bodies of water are battling to keep their people safe and the infrastructure in tact. Terrible stories of loss will emerge, as will glimmers of hope, inspiration, and lessons to get that all important flood insurance. I was so proud to read this story this morning.

I've written here about my experience as an Americorps member. It changes individual lives and entire communities. Today there are Americorps members helping with the floods, serving in schools, helping the elderly get meals, building houses, planting community gardens, building bridges in state and national parks... they are heroes.

I am proud to be among the ranks of alumni today.


Mandy said...

That is awesome. I'm kind of speechless...it's people like you that make a difference in the world!

Kerri said...

Yes, I'm speechless and humbled too. People like you do so much, people like me; not so much. Thank goodness for people like you in the world.
Hey, what's up with all of your photos? They are red boxes on my end? Just me?

apt said...

Oh gosh. I didn't post this to impress folks.
My intention was to share what a great program Americorps is. With budget realities, it seems this national service program is constantly on the chopping block. Make your own difference by supporting this program. Please?