Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sinki flashback

This blogging stuff... sometimes you mean to post something, and suddenly it was a week ago, or a month, or more. We have a bunch of photos from "the winter thaw" on that I haven't posted here. Let me share a few, okay?

A few weeks ago when we were enjoying the land that is "up north" in Michigan, we got to spend a good amount of time with my parents at Higgens Lake.

Willa was just starting to come out of her anxiety about anyone but Jim and I looking at her stage, and my dad got some special fun play time. See? Here it is. This looks like it could have been a very serious conversation.

Here she is sitting on a bench on Mackinac Island. Her giant Sinki head is hiding the Mackinac Bridge.

Willa and I enjoying our feet in the sand at Higgens Lake.

This one was at the Nature Center in Grand Rapids. I am posting it here to look back on in February when I am cursing living in the tundra.

Here they are casually looking for frogs. Two minutes later, they were both on their bellies on the boardwalk.


JT said...

Where is Willa in that fourth picture? The nature center is freakishly neon green that time of the year!

apt said...

Willa is part chameleon in that coat. But only in the first 3 weeks of spring when the leaves are neon.

Keri said...

My mother recently informed me that Up North is "God's country." But she may be a little biased since she lives up there.

Great pictures! Its always nice to see the Sinkis on their adventures.

Kerri said...

Is that Willa in the fourth picture or the Predator? Next thing you know, she'll be jumping from tree to tree, sporting dreadlocks n' stuff. Kidding.

I love the feet in the sand picture. It's cool cuz one of your dogs just happens to be in the background too. Wonderful shot. That's frame worthy. :)

AmyinMotown said...

Cute! I love the one of her with your dad. Maggie went through a phase where she hated her Papa, which broke his heart, but now they are best friends.

I tagged you for a meme, BTW.