Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Those other Sinkis

Watching Jim and Willa together is one of the most rewarding pieces of parenthood.
Yesterday she and I were at the fridge getting some juice, and I suggested she go hug Jim and say, "I love you." This is a new phrase, and she's been trying it on for size.
She took her sippy cup and ran to his lap. They cuddled for a few minutes.
I sat next to them. "Willa? Were you going to tell daddy something?"
She looked up at him and then at me. She slid to his slide and was looking at the floor. Suddenly she whipped her head around and shouted with a smile, "I LOVE YOU!"
They spent the next few moments saying it back and forth and then beeping each others noses and pulling on different parts of ears. This, apparently, leads to animal noises. The lobe = moo, the upper ear = meow, etc.
I, being chock full of hormones, started tearing up.
Love you, Sinkis.


Kerri said...

Very touching.

--Lindsay-- said...

This is what I look forward to the most when H and I have children.

Your faithful reader,

Maribeth said...

That is so sweet!

Em said...

That is adorable and what I look forward to!

JT said...

that is very sweet Mrs. Sinki, now you have me tearing up too!

NotAppealing said...

Aww =)