Monday, June 16, 2008


We were visiting my family this weekend. When it was time to go, she gave hugs and kisses to everyone there, including family she hasn't seen since December. I was so proud of her. Two weeks ago, she wouldn't make eye contact with any adult except for Jim, myself and her daycare providers. Jim and I get to live with this little person who knows how to tell us what she's thinking/feeling/wanting and, for the longest time, very few people got to see just how charming and sweet she is.
Some highlights of the weekend:

  • Spending time with Jim in the car on the way there, after a busy, hectic week. We have agreed on a boy name! It's not in stone, but it's a step. A girl name, I'm pretty sure we'll never agree on anything again.
  • Eating rhubarb strawberry pie (compliments of the Sinkis) on my parents' deck on what may have been the most lovely of summer evenings. Willa deciding to "go get" the birds eating out of their bird feeder.
  • Detroit Zoo on Sunday (for FREE, thanks again, brother Brian) with Jim and Willa. Jim declaring that he didn't want to go see any small animals. This was his day and he only wanted to see the big animals. Willa taking a walk with her new peacock buddy. Willa telling me she was going to "go get" the hippo when she saw her. Jim watching Willa watch the animals.
  • Big picnic in my parents yard with dad's side of the family. The last time we were together was for Grandma's funeral. It was really nice to see everyone relaxed and enjoying each other.
  • Hearing Willa tell her Great-Grandpa, "I love you." I hope he could hear it too.
  • Willa playing with her uncles, and hugging her aunt.
  • Amazing lightening show we got on the drive home.

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AmyinMotown said...

Hey! We were at the zoo on Sunday too! A missed Sinki encounter. Glad you had fun--it was a perfect morning to be there.