Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The kids, an update

On Sunday morning, Willa woke me up by poking me in the back with her finger. I rolled over, and she said, "more big booms?"
Someone is a big fan of the show Nature put on the night before.
She also liked the big band music at Grand Rapids Festival of the Arts. We walked away and she said, "more horns?"
Being a toddler must mean that you can't get enough. Of anything.
She shared something with me while I was putting on a diaper. She patted her vagina and smiled, "it's sunny, mama." Magical time, two years old...

Sinki numero dos is the length of a banana now. And crazy active. We're half way to the finish line, and our house reminds me of a Sesame Street skit with Ernie and Bert. The one where the fish is in the pot because Ernie needed the fish bowl for the flower because.. and it goes on and on. Before the baby comes, we need to move one thing to move another to get another thing done. Our house is like Ernie's brain. And Tetris.


Em said...

I am thinking you will have a very musically inclined little girl on your hands!! Between the guitar and this post, that is my prediction!

Kerri said...

I about fell out of my chair laughing at "it's sunny, mama"! Serious.

Anonymous said...

Sesame Street!?! Electric Company was cooler. It was before Morgan Freeman landed in Shawshank Prison.